Our Mission is to provide the participants of TUAC with distinct, relatable performance-based institutional varieties of courses, experiences, and programs to prepare, equip, grow and enhance them in servant leadership
We are structured to provide educational services to Students, families, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, as well as sports brands as an affordable for-profit entity. 
"What is service-learning? Service-learning combines service in the community with structured preparation and reflection opportunities. Service opportunities are tied to academic coursework and address concerns that are identified and articulated by the community. TUAC is redefining the public service learning system as we know it."-CEO/President A. Weathers
  • Public Schools

  • Charter Schools

  • Online Schools

  • Churches

  • Community Programs

  • Sports Organizations

  • Youth Sports

  • Parks & Recreation

  • Salvation Army

  • US Government

  • Technology

  • Families

  • Senior Citizens


July 27, 2020

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May 2020

Coaching in COVID 19 for Coaches